The 11 best WAGS of football players

This is the list of the 11 best Wags of football players

The best WAGS of football, This would be the ideal eleven of the most beautiful wives, girlfriends, and lovers of footballers.

The first of the list would be Edurne, the girlfriend of David de Gea. She met David De Gea in November 2010, when they recorded together a charity carol for the Aladina Foundation.


The second on the list of the best WAGS of football is Olalla Dominguez, Fernando Torres wife. They met when they where fourteen years of age in Estorde (Galicia), both were vacationing there. They live in Spain and have two children in common, Nora and Leo.

The third on the list is Zaira Naira, who is Diego Forlan’s girlfriend. This model and actress is the image of Pantène and where chosen Rose Gold Ball by the readers of the newspaper “Sport”, as the most beautiful couple of football players, ahead of Sara Carbonero.

Next on the list of the best WAGS of football is Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend, Lara Álvares. She met Ramos in 2010 when she was working at Marca TV.

The fifth in the list is Irina Shayk, the future wife of Cristiano Ronaldo. They met in June 2010, and a month later they were seen together in Corsica aboard a luxurious yacht. His first public appearance was in August, at the Caja Mágica in Madrid.

The sixth on the list is the wife of Raul Mamen Sanz. They met at the nightclub where she worked as a waitress. A year and a half later they got married and since Raúl plays in Schalke 04 they live in Germany with their five children.

The seventh of the list is Antonella Rocuzzo Messis wife. He knows the soccer player since both were five years old, since he is the cousin of his best friend. They started dating in 2008 and live together in Barcelona.

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The best WAGS of football

The eighth is the Colombian singer Shakira, the bride of pique. They met at the 2010 World Cup. Shakira was working on the World Cup anthem.

Number nine is the girlfriend of Iker Casillas, Sara Carbonero. They met in June 2009, during the celebration of the Confederations Cup in South Africa, one year before the World Cup. Although at that time both had a partner, they started dating at the end of the year.

The tenth of this list of The best WAGS of football is the wife of the Everton player Mikel Arteta, Lorena Bernal. In 1999 she won the Miss Spain contest and in 2003 she met her husband, Mikel Arteta, in San Sebastian, with whom she has a year and a half child. He lives in Liverpool, as Arteta plays for Everton.

The last of the list is Malena Costa, Puyol’s girlfriend. The player left his lifelong girlfriend for this model of 21 years he met at a concert of Alejandro Sanz in September 2010. Since leaving with the footballer, he rained job offers.

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