Debbie Chin Klinsmann – Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s wife

German soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann, thе boss in charge оf thе U.S National team iѕ married tо fоrmеr model Debbie Chin аlѕо knоwn аѕ Debbie Klinsmann, аnd thiѕ lovely soccer wag iѕ thе person … [Read more...]

Sami Khedira’s model girlfriend Lena Gercke

Lena and Sami are sure one of the hottest couples out there! Have you seen their steamy photo-shoot images for GQ magazine! Well if you haven’t you can’t miss this! And let’s find out more about this stunning girl. Young man, Real Madrid’s Midfielder and hottie Sami Khedira has been dating … [Read more...]

Lorena Bernal is Spanish player Mikel Arteta’s wife!

Born May 12, 1981 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina; Lorena Bernal Pascual is an actress and model.When she was one year old she moved with her family to San Sebastian, Spain; so she has both Argentine and Spanish nationality. At the age of seventeen she became Miss Spain so that says a lot … [Read more...]

Irina Shayk is Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend!!

Although football star has previously dated English models Alice Goodwin and Gemma Atkinson; it sure seems Russia is the one to have won his heart! Ronaldo and his Russian girl have been together since early 2010, but this gal is more than just a football wag! Born Irina Shaykhlislamova on … [Read more...]

Danielle Lloyd is footballer Jamie Ohara’s wife!

What an elegant look right!!! I love this picture about her she just looks stunning and she sure looks like she is having the time of her life! Well let me tell you Danielle Lloyd’s pictures are not always like this! She can strike almost every pose out there! And she nails it! Wouldn’t you say … [Read more...]

Cheryl Cole is Mrs. Ashley Cole’s Ex!

Ex Mrs. Cole has found love again with dancer Tre Holiday and as hot as she is, she admits is not that easy to start dating after a divorce! I really hope she means because of her busy schedule can you imagine for us regular girls! It means it would be double hard???! Cheryl Ann Cole was born … [Read more...]

Coleen Rooney is soccer star Wayne Rooney’s wife!!

One of British tabloid sports favorite gals, Coleen is pregnant for the second time! Of course of hubby! Soccer player Wayne Rooney! Keep reading for more details about her life as a sports wife and mom, her media work and her luxurious lifestyle! Coleen Mary McLaughlin was born 3 April 1986 in … [Read more...]

El Madrid tiene a 7 de los 32 mejores jugadores de Europa

UEFA ha dado ahora los 32 nominados a el mejor jugador de Europa de la temporada 2011-2012. El Real Madrid es el que mas jugadores nominados tiene, 7 jugadores casi duplicando el numero de jugadores de el Barcelona, que solo tiene a 4. el que le sigue al Madrid es el Mánchester city con 6. los 7 … [Read more...]

Ana Sofia Henao la esposa de Pepe

El defensor portugués y jugador de el Real Madrid tiene una bella esposa, Ana Sofía Henao es una modelo colombiana y es considerada una de las mujeres mas hermosas de Colombia y es una de las novias mas bonitas de los jugadores de el madrid y de la seleccion de portugal junto a la novia de Cristiano … [Read more...]

Luka Modric al Madrid?

El centrocampista croata y jugador de el Tottenham Luka Modric esta muy cerca de unirse al club blanco. Entraría para usar la misma posición que usan el Brasileño Kaká y el Alemán Mesut Özil. El Técnico del club ingles, Villas-boas ha dicho que solo venderá a luka Modric por el "precio adecuado" y … [Read more...]